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RhysIT provides modern and ever-changing website design. This provides you with a website that will stay fresh for years to come, so that there is no need to re-create your website in the future.

• RhysIT use’s a responsive design scheme, which allows us to make sure that all websites we design look great on mobile and computer. In a world filled with mobile devices, it is important to have a website which scales itself to fit every size device, and makes sure that your site is accessible by all.

• RhysIT also provide facilities in which clients can create an ecommerce website, which allows you to load your products and sell them online. This opens up new doors for the opportunities of your website.

• Finally, we do all of this for an affordable cost, and are completely open from the beginning on what the site will cost, including any recurring fees (such as hosting and domain registration)


Due to the nature of Website Design, pricing will vary with requirement. You can, however, refer to the following guidelines for a general idea:

Simple – R1000 (A few basic pages that do not require a lot of management)
Medium – R1500 (Multiple pages for custom functions, require few images etc)
Complex – R2000 (Many pages that require a lot of preparation, use many images)
eCommerce – R2500 (Shop-style, where products are displayed and/or can be purchased)